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All sales are final, all donations go to support the artists and the artistic projects organized by CP4P. For a detailed report of financial use, please email Audrey Rose at

Workshop rescheduling/refund policy:

If requested up to 4 weeks before the scheduled date of the workshop, workshop bookings can be rescheduled at no cost and refunded up to 75% if cancellation is necessary.

Between 4-2 weeks before the scheduled date of the workshop, a rescheduling will be subject to the cost of changing travel and accommodation arrangements and must be negotiated between CP4P and the scheduling party. Cancellation at this time is possible, with up to 50% of the workshop fee refundable.

If no prior notice is given and a workshop is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the scheduled date, the scheduling party is deemed liable for the cost of the workshop and travel arrangements for CP4P.

All information is protected under US law and will not be used or sold by CP4P.

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